Our family

A strong company starts with
a dedicated foundation.

Since 1880, SP Provisions’ “family” has grown from just a few to over thirty employees. Back then, we were delivering our products from bicycles and today we’re unloading truck after truck. Four committed salespeople, five highly trained butchers and ten drivers among countless others work shoulder to shoulder to ensure the happiness of our customers. When the needs of our clients are met, our entire facility smiles.


Meet Jim

I started cleaning for SP when I was still in High School. I was immediately welcomed in and treated like family. Since then, I have had experience working every single job this company has to offer, and while I can't say I was good at all of them, I definitely learned a lot with each step I took. The one thing that stayed the same, regardless of my position, was striving to see how we could better serve the customer.

I have watched SP grow out of one small building and into our amazing new facility, and I have seen our business expand from just a couple of delivery trucks into a fleet of vehicles that work full-time to fill the needs of our many excellent restaurants. I love what I do, I'm proud of my company, and I continue to be amazed at the lengths we go to in order to help our customers succeed.

– Jim Register, General Manager

Meet Lin

I started working at SP alongside my father and grandfather as a young teenager in the 70s. At that time SP Market was a small retail neighborhood market servicing the intimate neighborhood in the Ladd’s addition area. I remember my dad telling me stories about how he rode his bike throughout the neighborhood delivering meat to SP customers. He said ‘customers were so precious that we did anything to take care of them.’ Our customers were part of the neighborhood family; they relied on SP to provide their families with the best quality available. 40 years later, SP Market is now SP Provisions and our customer base has grown to provide products to the best restaurants in town. We may be larger but have never forgotten our roots. Today we view our customers as partners, viewing each as unique, and we are committed in providing them with whatever it takes to make them successful.

Lin Kunz Hokkanen, Owner

Meet Charlie

At SP Provisions, we believe that our employees are our strongest/most precious asset. It does not make any sense to invest in equipment, building or raw materials and not invest in our people. We spend a majority of each day here and it is of paramount importance to us to be able to work with, encourage and empower our staff.

We have been working together with a majority of our “family” for an average of over 15 years. This low turnover rate speaks to our testimony of believing in our people. It is because of them that SP Provisions has been able to succeed throughout the years.

– Charles Ryan, Owner